Welcome to Al-Dar!

We see ourselves as a „learning“ organisation with strategy development.

That’s why we extended our work in the cultural sector in order to include German women as well. We expanded our target group to girls who grew up here in Germany.

Our social and legal development is monitored constantly by us and is incorporated in our work. Furthermore we do not only actively participate in professional conferences, workshops and seminars, but also organize seminars ourselves. The wishes and need of the directly affected women are a crucial measure for our planning.

Schools, hospitals, women’s shelters and various authorities draw near Al-Dar to resolve support issues with women of Arab origin. Our assistance is not only restricted to the Berlin area, but also extended to the entire country.

From the beginning, Al-Dar was involved in the mediation of socio-educational professionals for Arab families. In 1994-1998 Al-Dar took over the supervision for family helpers who had problems in understanding the cultural establishment of the Arab families.

The basis of our work constitutes for one the needs of the respective people/groups and the renewed legal changes.